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Dental Hygiene

Regular appointments with our dental hygienists at Peach Dental Care are essential for maintaining a clean, healthy mouth that is free from the risks of infection or disease. Our highly skilled dental hygienists use the very latest equipment and products to safely and effectively remove plaque, bacteria and stains from in and around your teeth. A professional clean, known as a Scale and Polish, involves using advanced dental technology and carefully selected pastes to provide the most effective clean for your teeth, leaving you with a healthy mouth and fresh breath.

Our dental hygienists have thorough and extensive knowledge about maintaining great oral health, and at your hygiene appointments, they will show you how to properly care for your teeth so they remain free from plaque and bacteria between your appointments. No two mouths are the same, and so they will provide you with tailored advice on selecting the right brushing techniques for your teeth, as well as ensuring you can effectively floss and use interdental brushes at home, to prevent gum disease, decay, and bad breath. Hygiene appointments are particularly useful for those with a bridge, denture, implant or orthodontic appliance, because you will have specific hygiene needs that must be addressed for the maintaining of a healthy mouth. Our hygienists will be able to provide you with clinically-proven advice on how best to take care of your individual needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Dental hygiene appointments are carried out by our skilled Dental Hygienists, who thoroughly clean and polish your teeth to remove plaque and bacteria build-up using our state-of-the-art hygiene equipment. Our hygienists will give you advice on how best to care for your teeth to prevent decay, plaque and bad breath, and can show you how to properly brush and floss your teeth for the best clean between hygiene appointments. If you have a bridge, denture or orthodontic appliance, dental hygiene appointments are vitally important for addressing your specific hygiene needs.

At your dental hygiene appointment, our hygienists will use the latest dental equipment to thoroughly clean your teeth, removing plaque and stains using specifically chosen pastes and products for the best results. Our hygienists will also be able to advise you on how best to take care of your oral health at home, and can give demonstrations on how to correctly brush and floss your teeth for lasting cleanliness.

Our dental hygiene treatments are from £49, for a half hour appointment.

Our incredible team of highly qualified dental hygienists know the importance of correct dental care to prevent toothache, decay and even tooth loss caused by build-up of plaque and bad bacteria. Using the latest, state-of-the-art technology and clinically proven dental pastes, our professional team can deliver exceptionally high levels of cleanliness, to facilitate your optimum oral health. Efficient and friendly, our hygienists can offer valuable tips, advice and demonstrations that are specific to your requirements, that are vital for maintaining a healthy mouth.