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Emergency Dental Care

Accidental damage such as chipping, cracking or breaking a tooth can be an extremely traumatic, often painful experience. Seeking immediate dental care is essential in these cases, even if you feel like the damage is only slightly noticeable. Getting your teeth thoroughly checked and repaired will prevent further damage through wear and tear, and will also help to avoid harmful infections. Rapid action after knocking out one or several teeth gives you a higher chance of a successful re-implantation, depending on the damage caused to the tooth’s root and the severity of the injury.

Teeth that have been knocked out of your mouth must be kept clean and free from bacteria, so it is very important that you avoid handling the root of the tooth. This way, if the root is still healthy, it is possible our skilled dentists can re-implant the tooth back into its original place. However, if you have knocked out one or more teeth, the most effective way of keeping your original teeth is to clean them, then immediately implant them back into their sockets, gently biting down on a clean paper towel. It is absolutely vital you immediately visit a dental expert after relocating your teeth, to have your condition thoroughly assessed.

Chipped teeth can be treated by our dentists here at Peach Dental Care, to smooth down any rough or uneven edges and replace any missing tooth with a colour-matched filling. Breaking a back molar is more complex, as these teeth will usually have to be replaced with a crown.


Dental emergencies should be attended to by a qualified professional as soon as possible. Peach Dental Care offer same-day service for emergency cases, and can quickly offer you advice and treatment for conditions such as toothache, lost or broken crowns, chipped teeth, fillings, abscesses, trauma, or an unexplained swollen face. Whatever your cause for immediate concern, we will treat your injuries with attention and care, to make sure you heal quickly and effectively to avoid future dental issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

Emergency dental care can treat a wide range of problems that arise very quickly, whether that be chipped, broken or missing teeth via trauma, or unexplained toothache or abscesses. At Peach Dental Care, we offer same-day service so that all our clients can be treated and more comfortable as soon as possible.

What happens during your emergency treatment is entirely dependent on your condition. If you have toothache, a thorough assessment of your oral health will be performed to diagnose the problem. However, if you have a chipped or missing tooth, these will be treated accordingly. Chipped teeth will be filed and filled if possible to restore the appearance of your tooth, whereas missing teeth will either be re-implanted or thoroughly assessed for your best recovery.

Emergency consultations start at £45, but your required treatment cost depending on your condition will be charged on top of this initial fee.

If you have very recently had teeth knocked out or chipped, it is vitally important for your future oral health to seek immediate dental care. Peach Dental Care offer same-day appointments to all our clients who are experiencing a dental emergency, because we know the value of great dental health. Acting sooner to fix dental damage offers you the very best chance of keeping your own teeth, and avoiding serious dental problems in the future. Our expert team are always available for patients in an emergency situation, and are experienced at rectifying a wide range of trauma-based injuries. With our medical and dental expertise, same-day emergency appointments and our unrivalled care, Peach Dental Care will soon see you on the road to a full recovery.