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Healthy Gums

Gums might not seem as important to a great smile as a perfect set of teeth. However, looking after your gums is a vital part of your oral health. Your gums cushion your teeth, surrounding them in the jaws and supporting them as they bite and chew. If you notice red, swollen or tender gums, or have gums that bleed when you brush your teeth, it’s time to take important action to prevent gum disease, otherwise known as gingivitis.

Gingivitis can be mildly sore and uncomfortable, but left untreated, gum disease can develop into an infection known as periodontitis. This dental infection harms the entire area surrounding the tooth, which could lead to losing the tooth in question. Avoiding periodontitis and gingivitis is essential to preventing tooth ache, decay and loss, and maintaining good oral health. To maintain a healthy mouth and gums, we recommend you see us at Peach Dental Care for regular hygiene appointments and check ups with our dental practitioners.

Frequently Asked Questions

Maintaining healthy gums calls for preventative dental treatment, meaning that taking good care of your teeth and gums will help to avoid toothache, tooth loss, decay and infection. Twice daily brushing and flossing of your teeth is essential for looking after your gums on a day to day basis, but we recommend regular visits to our dental hygienists here at Peach Dental Care. This way, you can ensure that your teeth are always thoroughly clean and that your gums are healthy.

Our hygienist appointments are solely focussed on achieving clean, healthy teeth and gums. Our trained team can examine your oral health, and will use our powerful technology to provide a thorough, stress-free clean. Regular visits to see a hygienist will prevent the onset of gum disease and infection, avoiding tooth loss.

Appointments with our dental hygienists at Peach Dental Care start at £49. In your 30 minute treatment, you can ensure that your teeth will be thoroughly cleaned and polished, helping you to maintain excellent oral health.

Our friendly, professional team at Peach Dental Care are dedicated to providing you with excellent results, whichever treatment you opt for. Maintaining your general oral health and avoiding gum diseases and infections is the only way to prevent tooth decay and loss, and our team are committed to providing your teeth with the care they deserve. We have multiple dental hygienists at Peach Dental Care, who are all highly trained in their field, and can offer exceptional advice for those needing extra help maintaining excellent oral hygiene. We also have many advanced and specialist dentists and dental nurses at our practice, who will be happy to assist you if you’re experiencing problems beyond a scale and polish.