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A safe, well-established way of replacing missing teeth is the increasingly-popular practice of dental implants. Implants can be used to support one (or more) teeth, being safely attached to an artificial root that is placed into the jawbone. Dental implants have a 95% success rate over a fifteen year period, and are often very long-lasting; just as with normal teeth, they will last for as long as you care for them.

Implants require an artificial root to be placed into the jawbone, for the false teeth to ‘root’ into. The artificial root is made of clinically-proven titanium, that is highly safe to use and strong enough for the implant to last. The artificial root is placed in the location of the extracted tooth root and a crown/bridge attached.

Here at Peach Dental Care, our expert dental practitioners have extensive knowledge and experience assessing, evaluating and fitting dental implants, for safe and effective replacement of missing teeth. Providing that the jawbone the implant is located into is strong and healthy enough, implants should last you many years. However, just with surgical implants around the rest of the body, there is no lifetime guarantee. Our team will talk you through the expected longevity of your implant treatment at your initial assessment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Implants are a fixed way of replacing missing teeth, by locating an artificial root inside the jawbone to secure one or many false teeth. The titanium artificial root will be in place of your original tooth root, that has failed to secure your tooth. Implants are a safe, well-established treatment with proven success, and are becoming a more and more popular alternative to dentures, due to their natural feel.

Our dental practitioners at Peach Dental Care will thoroughly assess your teeth, gums and records at an initial consultation. We will take x-rays, photographs and dental impressions, so that we have extensive knowledge and data about your mouth and teeth, ensuring that we provide you with the very best experience, care, and results. Following the initial consultation, we will then implant the artificial root into the jawbone, which we will leave to heal for 8-10 weeks. Once the titanium root has been placed, your jawbone needs to recover and heal around the implant, fusing the implant safely and firmly in place. Often, we will fit you with a temporary denture to wear while your implant is healing, if the tooth to be replaced is visible when you smile. However, some implants may be stable enough upon insertion to allow us to safely and effectively attach the false teeth.

Once the titanium implant has fused to your jaw bone, we will make impressions to have your implant fitted for a crown. Once this is made, you can return to Peach Dental Care to have your crown fitted – we will remove the healing cap placed over the artificial root at implantation, and add your custom-made extension.

Following implant treatment, we will require you to schedule follow up appointments so that we can check on the success and health of your implant. X-rays will also be taken on a yearly basis to ensure your implant is consistently stable and secure.

All of our dental implant consultations are completely free, and you are not obligated to continue your treatment with us following our assessment. Dental implant treatment with Peach Dental Care is priced from £2000 per implant.

When it comes to surgical implants, it is vitally important to have the procedure performed by qualified, highly skilled dental professionals. At Peach Dental Care, all of our dental staff are certified and passionate about healthy teeth, and always put the wellbeing of their patients first. Our specialist team have high levels of expertise in dentistry, and have extensive experience performing dental implant treatments. We always place our patients’ needs as our highest priority, and so will go above and beyond to make you feel safe and comfortable throughout your implant procedure. Achieving the highest quality results, our implant treatments are also very competitively quoted, ensuring that you get the right dental care at a reasonable cost.