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Metal braces are not the only option when it comes to achieving straighter teeth. Known as invisible orthodontics, Invisalign offers you the same straightening and aligning of your teeth as traditional braces, but through wearing a clear, comfortable, and often removable mouthpiece.

Invisalign is often a favourable option for adults who have professional careers, who don’t feel comfortable at the thought of wearing unsightly metal braces. The technology behind invisible orthodontics is highly advanced, and can often give patients the advantage of a much shorter overall treatment time.

Invisible orthodontics have many benefits above traditional fixed appliances. Teeth fitted with Invisalign systems generally have a reduced treatment duration, with the top and bottom jaws coming into alignment and the teeth being straightened in a much shorter time. You can also enjoy the flexibility of your braces being hidden from untrained eyes, making you feel less self-conscious when socialising or speaking in public. With invisible, removable devices, you can also take them out to making eat more comfortable, or go without them for special occasions so that they truly fit around your lifestyle.


It is important to remember that straighter teeth are healthier teeth! When your bite is properly aligned and your teeth are straight, there are less gaps and spaces where food could get trapped, causing plaque could build which causes decay. Invisalign appliances are a risk-free, highly effective orthodontic system, which is a long-term investment in your overall oral health. Plus, you can feel safe in the confidence that your smile will always look great, free from unsightly braces and consistently on the way to having straighter teeth.

Frequently Asked Questions

Invisalign is an invisible orthodontic appliance. Providing straight teeth in less time than a traditional brace, and with the comfort of knowing it’s invisible to the untrained eye, Invisalign is a fantastic investment in your oral health. Some devices are also removable, for complete comfort and flexibility to suit your lifestyle.

Firstly, your teeth will be assessed by one of our highly-trained orthodontists. Then, you will be fitted for your device – we will take a mould from your teeth, to produce a tailored Invisalign appliance that will provide you with the best results. Over the course of your treatment with us at Peach Dental Care, we will regularly review your progress through check up appointments, where we can adjust your plan and change your invisible brace as your teeth move.

Prices start from £2000

Peach Dental Care are driven by achieving safe, flawless results. Our Invisalign treatment shows improvement in dental alignment far faster than traditional brace systems, meaning that you will be able to enjoy a perfect, brace-free smile in a matter of months. All of our treatments at Peach Dental Care are designed so that they are not only of excellent quality, but so that they don’t cost the Earth – all of our treatments are affordable, safe, and guarantee results.