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Mouth Cancer Screening

Smoking is the main cause of mouth cancer worldwide, and studies show that the number of mouth cancer diagnoses is increasing. Early detection of mouth cancer drastically improves the chances of patient recovery, and at Peach Dental Care, we are dedicated to achieving the most positive outcomes for all our patients.

Mouth cancer screening is a short procedure which takes place at our practice, that involves a thorough examination of your whole mouth. Using ground-breaking technology, our handheld screening device can efficiently and safely analyse any lumps or lesions you may have inside or around the mouth. This will highlight any risks or causes for concern, so that we can refer you for appropriate treatment as quickly as possible.

Screening for mouth cancer is recommended on a yearly basis. If you have any lumps, sores or mouth ulcers in your mouth that have persisted for some time, it is very important that you have these checked with us by our certified practitioners. No matter how small an abnormality may seem, early detection could save your life.


Mouth cancer is particularly important for early detection. It has resulted in a higher proportion of deaths per number of cases than breast cancer, cervical cancer and skin melanoma. On average, there are 2,700 deaths per year that are caused by mouth cancer in the UK alone.


At Peach Dental Care, we offer in-depth information, advice and guidance to our clients, and will always encourage patients to quit smoking.

Frequently Asked Questions

Mouth cancer screening is an in-depth examination of the whole mouth using a highly advanced screening device, that can detect cancerous markers in lesions, lumps and ulcers in and around the mouth.

During your screening appointment, one of our expert dental practitioners will perform a thorough examination and assessment of your mouth, looking for any unusual lumps, lesions or abnormalities that might be a cause for concern. Using an advanced handheld screening device, our dentists can quickly, safely and effectively identify any lesions that hold cancerous markers. We can then refer you for the right treatment and care, knowing that we have detected any risks early to give you more chance for a full recovery.

Peach Dental Care are truly dedicated to the health of our clients. Our state-of-the-art practice allows us to easily, safely and quickly identify any causes for concern, which offers our clients a better chance of recovery. Our expert dental practitioners and specialists are highly qualified to offer you the very best screening experience, delivered with complete care and support. We offer thorough guidance for our patients that wish to stop smoking, and always make our clients aware of the health risks of using tobacco products.