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Root Canal Therapy

Endodontics, commonly known as root canal treatment, is a complex procedure that may be required if teeth become overcome with infection, causing their softer internal pulp to decay. The purpose of this treatment is to remove all infection from the root canal, and preventing it from spreading. It is possible for infections and harmful bacteria to travel through the root canal system once it has reached the internal tooth cavity, which could eventually lead to serious conditions such as abscesses or generalised illness. Oftentimes, in the case of decaying teeth, root canal or tooth extraction are the only options to prevent infection spreading to the rest of the body.

Our specialist team of dental practitioners can perform successful root canal therapy while preserving as much of the original tooth as possible, stopping any infection from spreading. By saving as much of your original tooth as possible during root canal treatment, we can offer you a wide range of restorative treatments, as opposed to bridges or dentures that may be needed if the tooth was completely removed.

Using advanced dental techniques and the latest technology, our dental team will perform root canal therapy after administering a local anaesthetic. This should be the most discomfort you feel throughout the procedure, and is little different to having a filling placed. Since the procedure requires highly skilled dentists to perform a thorough removal of all harmful bacteria, the process can be time-consuming, with two or more dental visits involved to ensure all infection has been removed and will not return.


Though root canal therapy is one of our highly successful treatments, we always believe that preventing tooth decay and infection is far better than having to undergo such serious treatment. To avoid buildup of plaque and harmful bacteria, regular appointments with our dental hygienists are very important.

Frequently Asked Questions

A successful root canal treatment removes all infection and harmful bacteria from inside the root canal of exposed, damaged teeth. Infection within the soft, internal pulp of your teeth can spread through the root canal system and into the rest of the body, causing serious health problems. Root canal treatment is designed to remove the infection, and stop it spreading.

Upon discovering an infected, damaged tooth that requires root canal treatment, it is very important that treatment is started as soon as possible. Using specifically engineered dental technology and highly advanced techniques, our skilled practitioners will first administer a local anesthetic into the tooth. Then, the root of the tooth is thoroughly cleaned to remove all harmful bacteria and infection. A temporary filling will then be placed into the tooth until your next appointment. At your next visits, the tooth will be reassessed for any signs of recurring infection. When the infection has completely cleared from the tooth and the root, we will then apply a permanent filling to prevent any further infection forming.

Highly complex, yet vital to stop the spread of dangerous infections, root canal therapy at Peach Dental Care costs from £400.

Root canal treatment is rife with complexities, and so it is vitally important to choose a dental practice that has expertise in tailoring your treatment for your very best outcome, even in serious cases. Personalising your treatment with our advanced team of dental practitioners will ensure that over the course of your root canal treatment, all infection will be removed once and for all. With a specialised and dedicated dental team on your side at Peach Dental Care, you can rest safely and comfortably knowing that you are in the very best hands for your root canal therapy. We take great pride in offering our clients ground-breaking new technology to provide them with comfortable, safe, and highly-effective treatments at a cost all our clients can afford. For a more accurate quote, please consult one of our dental team.