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Sensitive Teeth

Getting shooting pains in your teeth when eating or drink something cold, or experiencing painful toothache while consuming something hot are signs of sensitive teeth. Discomfort caused by sensitive teeth can be a burden for many people, but it is important to find out why the teeth are sensitive in order to effectively solve the problem. Sensitivity can be caused by many reasons, so it is vital to seek advice from one of our dental professionals who can identify the cause and professionally treat it.

Dental erosion is a common cause of sensitivity. The loss of tooth enamel – the hard, outer coating of the teeth – exposes the tooth’s sensitive dentine, causing pain. The enamel functions to protect the internal tooth, but when the enamel is worn away or eroded, sensitivity and increased discomfort in the tooth can be heightened when exposed to hot or cold temperatures. Dental erosion can be caused by frequent consumption of sugary or acidic food and drink; brushing your teeth too hard; tooth grinding, which can occur during sleep; and certain medical conditions that weaken bones and dental enamel. If you’re suffering with sensitive teeth, our highly skilled dental practitioners can offer you tips and advice to control and treat tooth sensitivity. An appointment at Peach Dental Care to discuss sensitive teeth will be able to identify the causes of your discomfort, and so we can create a bespoke care plan to suit your needs. Our team can also offer information to prevent further onset of sensitive teeth, providing excellent care and advice to ensure you don’t suffer further dental erosion.

Frequently Asked Questions

Treatments for sensitive teeth vary depending on the root cause of your sensitivity, which is why it is important to visit our experienced dentists for a thorough examination. Sensitivity caused by dental erosion may be treated with fluoride to strengthen the enamel and reduce the pain, or you may be offered advice on desensitising toothpaste to help block the pain associated with sensitive teeth. However, sensitive teeth caused by exposed dental roots or cracked, chipped teeth will have to be carefully considered and treated accordingly by our expert dental practitioners.

Visiting Peach Dental Care for tooth sensitivity is undoubtedly the first step in reducing your pain and discomfort. Our highly skilled practitioners will perform an examination of your mouth and teeth to identify the cause of your sensitivity, and will then discuss treatment options to suit your concern. Our team have exceptional experience in developing bespoke care and treatment plans for patients with sensitive teeth, whatever the underlying cause.

Since sensitive teeth can be caused by a range of problems, it is impossible to treat all sensitive teeth in the same way. Treatments have to be tailored to solve the underlying cause of tooth sensitivity, and so the cost may vary depending on your specific condition.

Our team of expert dental practitioners have extensive experience identifying and solving the causes of tooth sensitivity. At a friendly and comforting initial assessment, our dentists have the right knowledge and excellent skills in patient care to effectively find underlying causes of sensitivity, and have further medical expertise in treating a variety of dental issues. Our team are dedicated to providing you with the excellent care and treatments you need, to reduce your pain quickly and effectively.