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Smile Makeover

At Peach Dental Care, we are proud to offer a complete treatment package to design and deliver your perfect smile makeover. Involving one or more of our specialist cosmetic, dental or facial rejuvenation treatments, our highly skilled team and state-of-the-art practice equipment can transform your smile, giving you the confidence you deserve.

Achieving your dream smile may seem difficult, but our team is here to advise, guide and assist you throughout your journey. Offering a fully customisable experience, our team will design and customise your Smile Makeover according to your desires and requirements, all while considering your lifestyle and your budget.

Whether you want a perfect celebrity smile or a naturally beautiful beam, we can advise and guide you to ensure the results you are looking for will be achieved. It may also be that you could benefit from some facial aesthetics treatments to complement any cosmetic dentistry work and further enhance your face and smile. In this case, we offer a number of treatments in house, or at our “sister clinic” – Wentworth Aesthetics with Dr Nishi Dhuna.

Frequently Asked Questions

Peach Dental Care’s Smile Makeover offers you the chance to completely redesign your smile, by including one or more of our cosmetic, dental or facial rejuvenation procedures to achieve your new, amazing smile. A Smile Makeover is completely customisable – from porcelain veneers and white fillings to teeth whitening and dermal fillers, our expert team will design your perfect treatment plan to suit your best interests, including your budget.

Since everyone’s Smile Makeover is different, what happens during your Smile Makeover is completely up to you. Whether you choose teeth whitening, porcelain veneers or wrinkle-relaxing injections as part of your treatment, you can count on us to design your treatment for the best results, and to make your experience as pleasant and stress-free as possible.

A Smile Makeover is completely unique from client to client, and the treatments that are chosen affect the overall cost. For example, you may choose cosmetic stain removal from £60, or opt for our excellent veneers, from £700.

Our Smile Makeover treatment is an opportunity you simply won’t find anywhere else. With the help of our dental experts and experienced cosmetic practitioners, this unique treatment allows you to combine aesthetic and dental procedures for a truly remarkable result. Our combination of multiple treatments allows us complete control over the final outcome of your smile, ensuring that it will be exactly what you hoped for. When designing your Smile Makeover, our friendly and professional team will take into account your lifestyle and your budget, so your experience with us is completely personal and affordable.