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Smoking Cessation

From damaging our teeth, harming our gums and causing foul-smelling breath, it has been scientifically verified that smoking and using tobacco products have significant detrimental effects on our oral health. Tobacco destroys the cells in our gum tissue which causes the gum to shrink and recede, and prevents it from protecting the sensitive parts of our teeth. The damage caused to the gums by tobacco makes smokers more prone to dental infections, such as gum and periodontal disease. Smoking can also cause teeth staining, mouth sores, ‘hairy tongue’ and jawbone loss, and can even destroy our sense of taste. It is also the number one cause of mouth cancer in the UK.

At Peach Dental Care, we are passionate about dental health, and we care about the overall well-being of our clients. It is important for us, as dental professionals, to make you aware of the risks of smoking and to provide you with the information and support you need to help you quit. Cutting down and stopping your use of tobacco products will rapidly alter the state of your oral health, and you will see and feel the positive changes in your mouth. For those that want to quit smoking, it is essential that you make an appointment at Peach Dental Care for regular check-ups, hygiene treatments, and so that we can provide you with advice, encouragement and guidance for improving your dental health.

Frequently Asked Questions

Booking an appointment at Peach Dental Care for smoking cessation is to focus on providing you with the right information, guidance and support you need to stop smoking.

Our expert team of dental professionals are fully qualified and experienced at informing people about the harmful effects of smoking. Regular check-ups are recommended so that our dental practitioners can assess the progress in your oral health as you cut down smoking, and they will offer you support, advice and encouragement to quit smoking for good. Hygiene appointments are excellent for thoroughly cleaning the teeth and maintaining healthy gums, which have been negatively impacted by the chemicals in tobacco products. Stains caused by smoking may also be less visible after regular visits to our dental hygienists.

Regular check-up appointments start at £45, while hygiene appointments are from £49 for a half hour treatment.

Our friendly, supportive team of healthcare professionals are passionate about the well-being of all our clients, and feel it is our duty to help people improve their health by making positive, informed changes. Not only are we thoroughly educated about the effects smoking has on our bodies and mouths, we can also offer helpful information to our clients. We go above and beyond our roles of dentist or hygienist, to offer each of our smoking cessation patients support, advice and encouragement to make the best decisions for their overall health.