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White Fillings

Improving your smile isn’t always as prominent as straightening, aligning or whitening your teeth. Sometimes, unnatural looking previous dental work can cause us to feel uncomfortable with our teeth, often with metallic fillings being the culprit of an unsightly mouth. Improving the cosmetic look of your smile can be as simple as removing metal-coloured fillings, and replacing them with our advanced ‘white fillings’, for the most natural, aesthetic smile.

Our experienced dental team can provide this safe, long-lasting treatment at Peach Dental Care. After removing any decay from your tooth and taking out the metal or amalgam filling, our dental team will fit a new, white filling in its place. White fillings are made from very durable, hard substances, that are designed to withstand the forces in your mouth exerted by biting and chewing, for many years to come. Giving you the confidence to smile without a metallic glint in sight, white fillings are an excellent alternative to gold and silver fillings.

As dental professionals, we always believe that prevention is better than the cure. At your appointment, we would be happy to offer you advice on how to prevent tooth decay and how to look after your teeth properly, so that you won’t need any further fillings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Like gold and silver-coloured fillings, white fillings are a form of dental restoration. A filling treatment serves to restore the integrity of a tooth that has been damaged by decay, so that it can be used as normal with minimal pain. White fillings are both functional and aesthetically pleasing, as they look far more natural than their metallic counterparts. White, composite fillings are made of tooth-coloured acrylic resin and a powdered glass mixture, which is durable, sturdy and unnoticeable.

If you are having gold or silver-coloured fillings replaced by white ones, the the first step our dentists will take is to perform a complete assessment of the tooth in question. It is important that decay hasn’t taken over the tooth’s structural integrity, as this would make it impossible to fit a new filling (in this case, we may discuss other options with you, like crowns).

If the assessment proves the tooth is suitable for a new white filling, we will remove the old filling using a high-volume extractor, specifically designed to make filling removal simple.

After removing any further decay below the filling, our dental team will then administer your new, white filling in place of the old one.

White fillings at Peach Dental Care cost from just £90.

Here at Peach Dental Care, we are committed to providing the latest dental treatments at an affordable rate, to achieve the very best results for our patients. When it comes to white fillings, our specifically designed resin and powdered glass composite ensures the filling can withstand the forces exerted on the teeth, and are built to last. Our highly skilled team of dental practitioners have extensive experience with fillings, and can offer you friendly advice to help prevent your need for any more in the future.